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The Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems at Rice University was officially dedicated as a research center November 7, 2003. The creation of CoFES represents Rice University’s commitment to this important area of intellectual inquiry. A key component of the research center is the integration of probabilistic, statistical and computer modeling for complex, multidisciplinary investigations. Rice University is well suited for this endeavor because of its exceptionally bright student body; its distinguished faculty in engineering, statistics, business and economics; its world-class resources in high-performance computing; and an unusually flexible and collegial environment in which to pursue interdisciplinary research and education.

The initial development of CoFES was generously funded by alumni, Dexter Senft and John S. Cone. In recent years, CoFES has received support from Thomas and Nancy Eubank for the annual Eubank Workshop. The Eubank Workshop brings together academicians and practitioners, providing a forum to jointly explore critical assumptions and issues on which financial markets rely. CoFES has also received support from numerous alumni including John Dobelman, Ginger Davis and David Sissman.