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Welcome to the webpages for the Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems – CoFES for short. The Center was founded in 2003 as an interdisciplinary center between the schools of Engineering, Social Science and Business. The primary departments participating in CoFES are statistics, economics and the finance group in the business school. The three departments have worked closely together on innovative research and curriculum development across all three schools.

An objective of CoFES is to provide the research infrastructure and an open curriculum to all students and faculty at Rice with the interest in the area and the necessary quantitative background. There are multiple educational venues available to students at Rice in this area. At the doctoral level, each of the primary departments offer a focus in computational finance. At the masters level*, Statistics and Economics allow their doctoral students to simultaneously pursue a masters degree in the other department. Furthermore, in addition to the MBA focus in finance, MBA students may simultaneously pursue a professional masters in any engineering department, including statistics. The Department of Statistics runs a professional masters program, allowing students to emphasize statistical finance. At the undergraduate level both Economics and Statistics majors pursue computational finance. Economics has one of the largest undergraduate programs at Rice with multiple tracks for its students. Also, Economics and Statistics have joined together to offer an undergraduate minor in Financial Computation and Modeling (FCAM). The business school offers an undergraduate minor in business. This rich curriculum has developed since the inception of CoFES in 2003.

CoFES research mission is driven by faculty interests at Rice and spans areas of fixed income, structured finance, commodities (including energy), auctions and of course equities. There are research projects that address ultra fine market structure to global transitions in government based portfolios. Researchers address the changing global market structure and continuously question long held assumptions of market behavior. A common research theme is the integration of probability and statistical modeling for complex, multidisciplinary investigations. Leveraging the research strength of the faculty across all three Schools, CoFES is known for strength in research innovation in computational finance.

The CoFES webpages provide information about the exciting activities at Rice in this dynamic area. On behalf of CoFES, I welcome your involvement and  encourage you to join our mailing list.

Katherine Bennett Ensor, Ph.D.

Director, CoFES

*The Baker Institute Center for Energy Economics is now offering a masters in Energy Economics.